FLASH Movie No Longer 'FLASHPOINT' - Report

Flashpoint #1
Flashpoint #1
Credit: DC Comics

Warner Bros.' embattled Flash film has gone through three directors, multiple writers, and is now even shuffling titles, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

In an interview with Ready Player One screenwriter Dan Mazeau, the Hollywood trade says Mazeau worked on a draft of the Flash movie "when it was titled Flashpoint," seemingly implying that the project is no longer titled Flashpoint

THR's Borys Kit then followed the piece up with a tweet saying "I didn't say they weren't adapting Flashpoint. All I said was that it wouldn't be titled Flashpoint. But maybe I've said too much."

Flashpoint is a Flash-centric 2011 DC Comics story that led to the publisher's line-wide "New 52" reboot. It was announced the title would be used for the still in-development Flash film at Comic-Con International: San Diego in 2017.

The now reportedly untitled Flash film stars Ezra Miller reprising his role from Justice League, and is projected for a 2020 release.

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