NEGAN's Words Memorialized In New Mainstream THE WALKING DEAD Quote Book

Credit: Charlie Adlard (Image Comics/Skybound)
Credit: Skybound Books/Atria

Negan is the most memorable character from the long-running The Walking Dead comic book series/tv show, and his words are now set to be memorialized in a unique new collection. Simon and Schuster, through their Atria imprint, are publishing The Quotable Negan - pulling out his sometimes-sage, sometimes-ornery words into one book.

“Seeing all the vulgar and irreverent things that Negan says compiled into one book is simultaneously hilarious and disturbing,” said The Walking Dead writer Robert Kirkman, “but even with all the awful stuff he’s said and done, there are some unexpected nuggets of wisdom and humanity in there, making him a surprisingly complex character. My only hope is that fans have just as much fun reading him as I have writing him!”

The book will also include what Skybound calls "fun facts about his reign of terror", as well as an introduction from Kirkman.

The Quotable Negan ia available for pre-order, and is scheduled to be available July 3.

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