John Krasinski in "13 Hours"
Credit: Paramount Pictures
Credit: Marvel Comics

John Krasinski has thrown in his hat to play Reed Richards if (and when) a new Fantastic Four movie franchsie launches. The actor/director voiced his interest after being asked by ScreenRant.

"Oh yeah, the Fantastic Four. I would love that!" Krasinski said. "I mean listen, I’m still getting into the whole superhero thing. I didn’t read comics as a kid, not as many, I read some but not as much, but I’m a huge superhero fan so yeah, I’d love to do something like that. If they’re are any left, a lot of these have been taken but the ones that are left, yeah, I would love to do something like that."

Krasinski was once in the running to play Captain America, however lost the role to Chris Evans. His wife, Emily Blunt, was in talks to play Black Widow but had to back out due to outside commitments.

Krasinski and Blunt... Reed Richards and Sue Storm? Sounds great according to him.

"And listen, I’d love to work with her again so any chance I got would be great."

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