SKRULL Easter Egg Confirmed in Original GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Movie

Credit: Gabrielle Dell'Otto (Marvel Comics)

This week, a fan unearthed another previously unnoticed Easter egg in 2014's Guardians of the Galaxy, hidden in Stan Lee's cameo.

Per the fan's detective work, the caption that appears by Stan's face when Rocket spots him on Xandar says "Excelsior!" - in Skrull.

Director James Gunn confirmed the Easter egg - but alas, the director says fans still haven't found the big one he's challenged them to find since Guardians was released.

Lee himself replied to the tweet, officially awarding "Dan" his Marvel No-Prize.

The "No-Prize" is a longrunning Marvel gimmick in which Stan (or another Marvel staffer) offers kudos to a fan who spots an Easter egg or solves a continuity conundrum in a Marvel comic book.

The Skrulls are slated to debut in 2019's Captain Marvel ... unless, of course, they're already amongst the MCU and fans don't know it yet.

Just sayin'.

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