Charity Fundraising to Honor Helen Bachalo

Credit: Chris Bachalo

Helen Bachalo passed away February 28 after a battle with cancer, and her husband Chris Bachalo is now raising funds to donate to two organizations in her honor.

"I recently lost my best friend of 28 years. She was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer with Peritoneal Carcinomatosis on Halloween morning of 2017," Bachalo writes on a GoFundMe page. "On Valentine's Day this year, she was admitted to the University of Michigan Hospital and two weeks later to Angela Hospice. As I held her hand, she took her last breath in the late afternoon of February 28th. At the time of her diagnoses, we were a family making a transition from one community to another, from our home of fifty plus years in California to our new home that has embraced us the past few months here in Michigan."

Bachalo is raising funds for two organizations: the Orangewood Foundation, which provided relifef and guidance to children from troubled homes; and the Detroit Catholic Central High School, which the Bachalo's son, Dylan, attends.

"We want for nothing. Helen and I planned for our future beyond her or my passing. Dylan and I are in a good place. People have reached out to ask how they can help," wrote Bachalo. "We would be grateful that in her passing, Helen would inspire a generosity that we could share with others and that - we hope - will make someone else’s life a little better. All funds generated through this site will be evenly donated to these two worthwhile institutions."

Contributions can be made here.

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