Williamson & Rossmo's DEATH BED About Legacy, Death, and Over-The-Top Characters

Death Bed #4
Credit: Riley Rossmo (DC Comics/Vertigo)
Credit: Riley Rossmo (DC Comics/Vertigo)

Two issues in, Joshua Williamson and Riley Rossmo's new Vertigo title Death Bed has already established that anything can happen. But Williamson told Newsarama at WonderCon that Death Bed just gets even crazier from here.

"They go to the center of the Earth, they deal with cannibals, they deal with werewolves," Williamson told Newsarama during an interview at this weekend's WonderCon. "It’s my crazy comic with me and Riley just having a good time."

Death Bed tells the story a young reporter who discovers a man named Antonio Luna who's either the most incredible adventurer in the world, or the most deranged. She agrees to help him tell his life story as he battles wacky and supernatural threats, all under the premise that he's nearing death and cares about his legacy.

Williamson said the stories emerged from his friendship with Rossmo, as the two were talking about wild ideas for comic book adventures.

Credit: Riley Rossmo (DC Comics/Vertigo)

"All these creators I work with, I’m lucky to talk with them and work with them. But Riley and I, we talk every day, we’re on Skype together, so a lot of times he’ll call me, I’ll call him in the morning, we’ll talk about what we’re working on, bounce ideas back and forth," Williamson said. "And Death Bed came from a lot of these back-and-forth conversations about doing something kind of crazy, talking a lot about legacy, talking a lot about death, talking about over-the-top characters."

Williamson's been a rising star at DC the last two years, working on The Flash and the "New 52" event Justice League vs. Suicide Squad and now announced as writer of the new title Justice League Odyssey. Among all the announcements about his upcoming DC work, the writer was also excited to share information about Death Bed, which just released its second issue from Vertigo.

Credit: Riley Rossmo (DC Comics/Vertigo)

Each issue has presented near-impossible situations for the lead characters, and Williamson said that's going to continue.

"There’s an issue where they go to this underwater pleasure garden, where Luna basically explains there are these jellyfish that feeds on this algae, and if you get stung by that jellyfish, it will cause you to basically trip out to where you go back into your own memories, but with your new perspective on it," Williamson said. "So he wants to do that so he can go back and relive different parts of his life with his new adult perspective - he wants to go back and see these parts of his life where he thinks he was right, and he’ll learn that maybe he was wrong about it, that he might not be who he thought he was."

Williamson said that collaboration with Rossmo is continuing throughout the process of working on Death Bed, but it's also something he tries to experience with artists on all his titles.

"I love that as I work with Riley, I get to talk with him every day," the writer said. "He’s a crazy genius."

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