MARVEL Teases a 'Fresh Start' For UNCANNY X-MEN?

Uncanny X-Men
Credit: Marvel Comics

Marel has a "special" announcement planned for later today on Twitter, but its teasing something else early. Take a look:

So "Uncanny" plus the number "1" plus what looks like a Danger Room, and that kind of math seems to add up to a new Uncanny X-Men #1.

The last Uncanny X-Men volume ended in March 2017, but historically the brand name has been the X-Men's primary title going back to its debut in 1963 (although only later adding the "Uncanny" adjective).

It's also notable that Marvel recently tapped Jordan D. White as new X-Men group editor.

Hedging our bets however, Marvel has used "Uncanny" for non-X-Men projects including several volumes of Uncanny Avengers.

Look for more here on Newsarama has it develops.

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