MATT MURDOCK is [Redacted] as [Redacted] Strikes in DAREDEVIL #600 - Spoilers

Daredevil #600
Credit: Marvel Comics

Matt Murdock has had his hands full dealing with Mayor Wilson Fisk -but Daredevil #600 from writer Charles Soule and artists Ron Garney and Matt Milla puts an entirely different challenge on Daredevil’s plate - and may give him some perspective on Fisk’s actions.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Spoilers ahead for Daredevil #600.

After being appointed Wilson Fisk’s Deputy Mayor, Matt Murdock overhears a plan by Fisk to assemble multiple crime lords from around New York to organize and collude under Fisk’s control. Matt, as Dardevil, assembles a who’s-who of street level heroes including the Defenders, Spider-Man, Moon Knight, Echo, and Misty Knight.

Daredevil’s plan is to stake out the meeting and, once Fisk arrives, call in the police to bring down the whole plan. However, things don’t go as planned - Fisk fails to show, and just as violence is about to break out among the criminals in attendance, Spider-Man intervenes. As everyone but Daredevil enters the fray, the police show up suddenly, and Daredevil realizes it’s a set-up.

Credit: Marvel Comics

The police arrest all the heroes except Daredevil, who escapes, and all the crime bosses. Across town, Blindspot confronts Muse, the artist/murderer. As Blindspot is about to be overpowered, the Beast manifests to him and offers him power in exchange for killing Muse.

(No, not Hank McCoy/The Beast, but a different one introduced in this Daredevil run.)

Blindspot accepts the deal, suddenly throwing fire and bursting into flame, subduing Muse. The Beast asks Blindspot to kill Muse. Blindspot refuses, but Muse burns to death anyway.

With his operation successful, Fisk plans to fire Murdock after delivering a speech about the sting. But before he can, Daredevil arrives to confront him. The pair fight, with Daredevil saying he won’t attack Fisk and feed into his narrative about vigilantes. But Fisk sucker-punches Daredevil and beats him with a sledgehammer, leaving him to be arrested as Fisk takes the stage.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Daredevil is dragged off by the police and locked up - but as he’s being take away, Fisk’s speech is interrupted by an attack by the Hand who shoot him full of arrows. The police lock Daredevil in the back of their wagon despite his pleas to let him fight the Hand.

With Fisk down for the count, the city attorneys discover a provision in the law that says the Deputy Mayor will take the mayor’s place should he be unable to serve - meaning Matt Murdock is now technically mayor.

The story continues in Daredevil #601, on shelves April 18.

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