[Redacted] Dead, [Redacted] Destroyed in AVENGERS #686 - Spoilers

Avengers #686
Credit: Marvel Comics

The game changes again in this week’s Avengers #686 from writers Al Ewing, Mark Waid, and Jim Zub and artists Paco Medina, Juan Vlasco, and Jesus Aburtov, as the Hulk’s true motivations are revealed and someone pays a penalty for cheating.

Spoilers ahead for Avengers #686.

Credit: Marvel Comics

As the Hulk continues his rampage from last issue, Wonder Man arrives to intervene. With his ionically-charged body, he’s able to withstand the Hulk’s fists, allowing him to appeal to the man inside - Bruce Banner - while trying to slow the Hulk down.

But it’s little use – Banner is nowhere to be seen. This incarnation of the Hulk is fully intelligent (seemingly similiar to the Hulk in Jason Aaron's run), and has no interest in puny Banner or the Avengers. He plans to seize the final Pyramoid and allow Grandmaster and Challenger to destroy the Earth - “No more puny humans, Simon. Just me, alone. Finally.”

Credit: Marvel Comics

Just as Wonder Man seems to be getting through to the Hulk, Hercules, Thor, and other Avengers arrive and begin attacking him. Wonder Man keeps trying though - eventually realizing he’s gotta convince the Hulk to stop, not Banner. He reminds Hulk that he was alone in death until the Challenger brought him back. Seemingly unmoved, Hulk continues to wreck the Avengers, finally tossing aside Voyager to seize the Pyramoid.

Credit: Marvel Comics

But Hulk doesn’t take it - instead, he smashes it, destroying it as he reverts back to Bruce Banner. The Challenger laments the Hulk’s betrayal while Grandmaster gloats at the point the destroyed Pyramoid will cost the Challenger. Grandmaster’s gloating is quickly ended, however, when Voyager reveals she’s Grandmaster’s daughter, put in place to help him cheat.

Incensed by the revelation, Challenger says Grandmaster’s cheating has cost him the game. Grandmaster argues, saying it’s not technically cheating, but Challenger isn’t hearing it – he blasts the Grandmaster in half.

The story continues April 4 in Avengers #687.

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