Creative Differences, Cast Schedules, Massive Reshoots - Why X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX and NEW MUTANTS Delayed - Report

New Mutants
Credit: 20th Century Fox
Credit: 20th Century Fox

20th Century Fox pushed back the release dates of X-Men: Dark Phoenix and New Mutants this week (the second in the case of the latter), and a new unconfirmed report offers some possible reasons as to why it happened - but no, it isn't the planned acquisition of Fox by the Walt Disney Company.

Citing "sources with knowledge of the situation," Collider's Adam Chitwood said that the studio asked for significant reshoots after viewing early cuts of both movies.

New Mutants was previously delayed over what was reported at the time to be reshoots (including adding at least one new character), but Collider's new report indicates the issue to be larger than that. Fox reportedly asked for "at least 50%" of New Mutants to be re-shot, adding new characters to appear not just as cameos but as part of the principal cast - throughout the movie. This decision by Fox has led to the oft-cited "creative differences" with co-writer/director Josh Boone, although he is still attached to the production.

And while the reported reshoots for X-Men: Dark Phoenix aren't as large, the outside schedules of the actors (some 'A-list') needed for those reshoots is already booked up through August or September 2018. That, combined with what is said to be "necessary visual effects" for the to-be-reshot scenes led Fox to re-consider the original November 2, 2018 release date.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is now set for release Feburary 14, 2019, with New Mutants following on August 2, 2019.

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