JESSICA JONES's Next Creative Team & Debut Teased As BENDIS Says Goodbye

Marvel Comics March 2018 solicitations
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

This week's Jessica Jones #18 is the final issue for creators Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos, and in the backmatter of the book Bendis writes a lengthy goodbye - (which we won't spoil here) - but also gives more information on the previously-teased creative team to follow the two - which he had made it a point to note included a female writer.

"Jessica's new curators have reached out to me and I have loved what I have heard," Bendis said in the Jessica Jones #18 backmatter. "I will be buying and reading each comic as Jessica and family are taken places I haven't even thought of. Unless I still get them fro free, then woo-hoo! (But I probably won't. :) )"

Following the letter, there is a full-page ad promoting Jessica's return in "Fall 2018," seen at right. The artist wasn't credited, however Newsarama has asked Marvel whom to credit it to.

"Until the inevitable Marvel/DC crossover where Jessica has to beat the hell out of one of the Batgirls of something, I thank you and I love you," Bendis ends the letter.

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