MARK MILLAR Won't Work for MARVEL or DC 'Ever Again'

Credit: Leinil Francis Yu

Writer Mark Millar says that he's done with working for Marvel and DC in favor of his creator-owned work and his partnership with Netflix - and he's got no plans to go back.

"I'm full-time on staff creating TV shows, movies and comics for [Netflix] and loving every pico-second," Millar said on Twitter. "No plans to ever do DC or Marvel again!"

Millar signed a deal with Netflix in 2017 giving them the rights to many of his Millarworld properties. Millar himself is not exclusive to Netflix, however, and still has several creator-owned projects not included in the Netflix deal.

Millar has previously worked on numerous Marvel and DC characters, having written Marvel's Civil War and created the Ultimates, and having written multiple Superman titles at DC.

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