BARRY ALLEN Racing to FLASH WAR, GODSPEED Towards Possible Redemption

Flash #48
Credit: Howard Porter (DC Comics)
Credit: Carmine Di Giandomenico (DC Comics)

The Flash might have his own version of the Red Hood soon, as the villain known as Godspeed wrestles through his journey toward possible redemption - something writer Joshua Williamson said will play out over the next few issues of The Flash.

In this week's The Flash #43, Williamson continues the "Perfect Storm" storyline that's brought Barry Allen up against Gorilla Grodd, but Williamson told Newsarama during an interview at WonderCon that he'll continue to explore one of the characters he created during his two years on The Flash - Godspeed.

And although the writer conceded that Godspeed is shaping up to be Barry Allen's version of Batman's Red Hood, he's got awhile to go before he's comparable.

"I don’t think he’s there yet - that relationship that Jason has with the rest of the Batman family has a lot more history to it, it’s a lot more complex," Williamson said. "But I think that’s a fair comparison, sure."

Credit: Dan Panosian (DC Comics)

Williamson said the story of "Perfect Storm" will be juxtaposing the stories of Godspeed and Barry.

"The journey he and Barry are on are going to kind of interweave with one another over the course of my run," he said. "I think the two of them are going to be bouncing off each other for a long while."

Is Godspeed going to be able to accomplish some sort of redemption? Is he going to realize who he really is?

"That's the question," the writer said. "He has a scene in #44 and #45 that’ll tease some of that stuff out, and will build him up as a character."

Credit: Howard Porter (DC Comics)

The conclusion of "Perfect Storm" will head into the much-anticipated event, "Flash War," which kicks off in late May just before Williamson also launches his new Justice League Odyssey book this summer.

As readers found out from January's Flash Annual #1, the story of "Flash War" will not only have adult Wally West fighting Barry Allen, but it will feature fan-favorite Flash villain Hunter Zolomon/Zoom.

In May, readers will see the addition of Scott Kolins to The Flash creative team, bringing back an artist who's probably best known for his work on Wally West's run as the Flash.

"Scott Kolins is working on a few issues of The Flash coming up, and that’s been great - #46 is kind of a prelude to 'Flash War,' and involves Hunter Zolomon," Williamson said. "So being able to work with Scott Kolins, one of the creators of Hunter Zolomon, has been great."

Credit: David Finch/Danny Miki (DC Comics)

Williamson told Newsarama that after the speedster-centric "Flash War" concludes, characters like Godspeed, Zoom and other speedsters will play less of a role in his run on The Flash.

"After 'Flash War,' I’m going to try to cut back to make it about new characters, about new villains, and take some older villains that I personally really love and try to amp them up," Williamson said.

"I’m going to bring back a villain in the fall that I’ve wanted to work with for a really long time, and it’s never really worked out," he said, without naming names. "That’s one of my favorite Flash villains, so we’re going to bring him back in the fall, and I’m really excited about that. But we’re going to play with a lot of the other villains as well."

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