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Credit: DC Entertainment
Credit: DC Entertainment

Scott Snyder's Justice League will have many doors its Hall of Justice,  only accessible through a connection by Martian Manhunter - making it what the writer calls an "open and inclusive and mysterious" central hub of the DCU come "New Justice."

Speaking to Newsarama at WonderCon, Snyder described how the first spread of his new Justice League series with artist Jim Cheung has a description of this new version of the Hall of Justice.

"It’s this omniscient narration: 'The public knows there are many doors in the Hall of Justice they cannot see. You must be connected by the chairman, the Martian Manhunter, in order to see them. Do you see that one behind the upside-down Coluuan fountain right now? If you see it, welcome and enter,'" Snyder told Newsarama.

The Hall of Justice is a well-known fictional headquarters for the Justice League because of its inclusion in various animated series and comic books since its debut in the Super Friends cartoon during the 1970s. This new version for Snyder's Justice League, however, will have portals utilized by various characters and teams, including the Teen Titans.

The motivation for setting up the Hall of Justice with many doors, Snyder said, is to give other creators the ability to utilize the iconic location in their stories and make the DCU feel more "expansive."

Credit: DC Entertainment

"So when the Benson sisters [— Julie and Shawna Benson, just announced as the new writers on Green Arrow —] tell us that Green Arrow really has a connection to some of the characters on this team," Snyder said, "we say, 'Great, why don’t you have him in the Hall of Justice, and we’ll have him on this thing, and we’ll give him a device that allows him have a portal?'"

The writer wouldn't confirm that there are doors for concepts like the Justice Society of America and the Shazam family, saying "some of those things are really deeply tied to what Geoff [Johns] is doing in Doomsday Clock, so they’re not separate; they’re just part of that story, so I don’t really want to speak to them because they’re so tied to the mythology he’s creating."

Snyder also said he's getting to know Cheung as they work on the new Justice League series, which launches in June.

"Oh man, he’s funny, personable," Snyder said. "We’ve been out to dinner a few times, and we get along like gangbusters. I told him, this story is his opus. Tell me what you don’t want to draw, and I will eliminate it, but here’s the Vegas buffet of what I want to do. And he was like, 'Bring all of it.'

"I was like, 'Okay, I’m probably going to run you into the ground,'" Snyder said, 'but we’re doing it.'"

The writer also communicated his usual excitement about the upcoming project, crediting both creators and fans for the creation of Justice League and its spin-offs. "What James Tynion and Josh Williamson and Bryan Hill and the Benson sisters and Dan Abnett and Adam Glass have planned puts everything to shame," Snyder said. "I’m so proud to be a part of this line-up, and the biggest thing I would say to the fans and people out there reading this is thank you. Seriously, you’ve given us the best year at DC creatively, regardless of sales.

"With Brian Michael Bendis here, other creators coming we haven’t even announce yet, and the bifurcation of things with Black Label, Zoom, and Ink, you’ve supported us in every area, and I’ve never been as happy and excited and inspired."

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