Identifying DEADPOOL 2's Many Mutants

Still from 'Deadpool 2'
Credit: 20th Century Fox

The latest trailer for Deadpool 2 dropped the “X-Force” bomb, and assembled a team of characters alongside the Merc With a Mouth – but left most of them unnamed and unexplained.

Though it’s easy to recognize some of the actors involved – from Terry Crews, to Bill Skarsgård, to Rob Delaney – many of the film’s characters (and X-Force members) remain officially unidentified.

So who are Deadpool 2’s still-mystery mutants? We’ve narrowed down the possibilities for you – and potentially figured a couple of them out.

Shiori Kutsuna

Credit: 20th Century Fox
Credit: Marvel Comics

Spotted in the Deadpool 2 trailer starting at around 1:34 is a young woman in a ninja-like X-Men uniform wielding an electrified chain. The character is portrayed by Japanese actress Shiori Kutsuna, but hasn’t been named in any marketing materials.

Her powers – the electrified chain – don’t seem to correspond directly to any Marvel Comics characters, but she does bear resemblance to a couple of possible characters.

First up there’s Surge, a Japanese mutant with the power to absorb and channel electricity. In comic books, her powers are regulated by a pair of special gauntlets, which don’t seem to be present on the character in the trailer. However, 20th Century Fox has a long history of slightly tweaking its mutants.

Then there’s the more obscure possibility that she’s a version of Kirika Yoshida, Wolverine’s daughter from the “Age of Apocalypse” timeline, who joined that universe’s X-Force, and who was that timeline’s version of X-23.

Kirika’s powers don’t line up though – she has abilities similar to her father, including retractable claws. And of course there’s the whole “from another reality thing” – but considering Deadpool 2 also features the time-traveling Cable, anything is possible.


Credit: 20th Century Fox

Stuck behind Deadpool in the newly assembled X-Force's airplane transport is a character who popped up in the same shot in the first Deadpool 2 trailer who bears a striking resemblance to X-Force mainstay Shatterstar, the genetically engineered mutant warrior from another dimension.

There’s no confirmation it’s Shatterstar though – let alone which actor may be playing the barely visible character. Sure, that headgear looks pretty unmistakable, but Cable’s Six Pack teammate Grizzly also wore a helmet like that – along with bright red skin.

Terry Crews

Credit: 20th Century Fox
Credit: Marvel Comics

The assumption on seeing Terry Crews’ character in the first trailer for Deadpool 2 was that he’d be playing G.W. Bridge, a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who is also Cable’s sometimes ally.

But the new trailer shows a “blink-and-you’ll-miss-it” shot of an image naming him as Bedlam, a mutant who, in comic books, has the power to manipulate electromagnetic fields and disrupt electronics. And of course, Crews has now confirmed he's playing Bedlam on Twitter.

Bill Skarsgård

Credit: 20th Century Fox

So who is the mysterious mutant in yellow armor seen alongside the team? Played by Bill Skarsgård, the character wears a yellow mask that resembles that of the acid-spitting Zeitgeist from the X-Force/X-Statix years.

However, unsubstantiated rumors have named him as Chamber, a mutant from Generation X that can project energy out of his chest, and whose face and body were partially destroyed when his powers manifested. There's a big mark against this theory though, as another shot shows him without his mask - face intact.

Julian Dennison

Credit: 20th Century Fox

There are a few possibilities as to the identity of “the kid” that Cable is after (played by Julian Dennison). His fiery powers suggest he may be a version of pyrokinetic mutant Rusty Collins/Firefist, who was at times a member of both the New Mutants and an enemy of X-Force in the Mutant Liberation Front.

It’s also possible he’s playing a version of Neal Shaara/Thunderbird, who was previously rumored to play a role in the film.

Rob Delaney

Credit: 20th Century Fox

Seen only for a split second as a glossy headshot in Deadpool’s stack of X-Force candidates, comedian Rob Delaney portrays a character named “Peter.”

”Peter” could just be an ordinary guy, but given he’s a candidate for the team, this indicates he’s some kind of mutant – and our bet is, he’s Pete Wisdom.

A former intelligence agent turned member of Excalibur, Wisdom has the power to throw energy knives from his fingers. Wisdom is also known for his fashion sense, which usually consists of wearing slim black suits like the one Delaney wears in the image. Pete Wisdom also has a history with X-Force briefly leading a team that included Terry Crews' Bedlam, and has ties to Domino, played in the film by Zazie Beetz.

Delaney appears to pop-up again – this time with a mustache – in a later scene on X-Force's airplane. Unlike the British Pete Wisdom, Delaney is American – however, he does live in London.

Deadpool 2 is due out in theaters May 18, 2018.

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