JUSTICE LEAGUE #41 Pits the League Against BLACK PANTHER-Esque Villain in Africa - Spoilers

Justice League #41 spoilers
Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

With Black Panther ruling the box office, DC's Justice League #41 is spending time in that publisher's version of Africa with a villain called the Red Lion, complete with a pointy-eared costume and a challenge to the Justice League's version of justice.

Written by Christopher Priest, Justice League #41 is dealing with the aftermath of the Justice League's Watchtower Satellite falling to the earth. In fact, it has landed in East Africa, bringing attention from many different factions, many of whom are embroiled in a civil war there.

This includes Red Lion, who debuted in Priest's Deathstroke in 2016. Red Lion is a man named Matthew Bland from the fictional African country of Buredunia. But he goes by the name Ja-Zaki, or "Red Lion," as he fights to re-gain control of the country.

Red Lion is convinced that the Justice League is interfering in his country's war, and he cites various wars of the past in which the U.S. government has interfered in other countries' civil wars.

African Superheroics

In this issue, Deathstroke advises Red Lion to stay out of the way as the Justice League tries to clean up the wreckage of their satellite.

Well, that's obviously not going to happen.

But before Red Lion even interferes, the League is having trouble dealing with the huge crowd of people who have flocked toward the crash site. They begin to accept refugees, but when rebels and government forces begin arriving with guns, the League has to walk the line between interfering in the civil war and helping the refugees who are in danger there.

Credit: DC Comics

Why don't they just pick up their satellite and leave? Well, apparently they've decided not to move it until the two Green Lanterns get back — Lantern rings being handy for this sort of thing.

But the Lanterns are in space, returning from their mission with Martian Manhunter, as readers see in a brief scene at the beginning of the Justice League issue.

Jessica surprised Simon by telling him that she kissed Batman.

(He's not the only one surprised by that.)

But for the Justice League members on Earth, the Green Lanterns are still unavailable.

Rabid Fan

At the same time, Aquaman and Batman are out looking for The Fan, the villain who's been giving the League fits lately and caused the problem with the satellite. They know it's someone who helped design the satellite for Lexcorp.

After Aquaman thinks he has hit a dead end, good old super-smart Batman figures things out. He finds The Fan and immobilizes him.\

Credit: DC Comics

Batman won, right? The League has stopped the Fan, right? Not quite. As The Fan points out, he knows "everything." What is the League going to do, he asks. Arrest him? "I'm a problem you can't solve."

Back in Africa, the superheroes of the League are trying to forcibly disarm everyone near the crash site, thinking it will protect the refugees.

But Red Lion and his forces aren't having it, and as Red Lion attacks Cyborg, he claims the right to salvage what has fallen on his country's land (meaning he wants whatever is inside the satellite).

Credit: DC Comics

The technology inside is apparently important enough for Lexcorp to get involved too, as they claim they are assisting the government of Buredunia and the Red Lion.

Credit: DC Comics

As Cyborg struggles to heal himself from the Red Lion's attack, Wonder Woman and Superman are duped by someone pretending to be a refugee.

Hiding among the refugees is a man with a hidden machine gun. He is standing right next to Superman, who blocks his bullets, but somehow, one of the bullets hits Wonder Woman, who falls to the ground.

As the issue ends, not only is the Lion dragging Cyborg's damaged body across the ground, but the villain has succeeded in dragging the entire Justice League into his war.

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