Post Game TV Recap: SMALLVILLE S9E1: "Savior"

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"Savior" kicks off Season 9 with Chloe Sullivan operating out of her new Watchtower on the phone with someone who isn't very helpful.  She's looking for her cousin, Lois Lane, who disappeared last season when she happened to hold Clark's Legion flight ring and it whisked her away to the future.  Chloe, is interrupted by a possible intruder, and cocks a gun, clearly taking no chances after her lover, Jimmy Olsen, was murdered in the place weeks prior.  Turns out it's only Dr. Emil Hamilton.  He confirms that Oliver Queen (Green Arrow), Dinah (Black Canary) and Bart Allen (Impulse) are all off the grid, laying low due to recent events and their secret identities being compromised.  It's also established that Clark Kent is keeping Metropolis safe without anyone's assistance, even Chloe.

The episode then shifts to a city commuter train on the move.  Out of nowhere, a beam of light from the heavens hits the train, depositing an unsuspecting Lois onboard.  Disoriented, her left hand is bandaged and her right index finger is sporting the Legion ring.  Moments later, a similar blast hits the train a second time, and this time the force is strong enough to cause the train to derail.  The second blast leaves behind a female, ninja-like assailant who is apparently in pursuit of Miss Lane.  They go at it in a tight battle among a terrified crowd but are interrupted by the train flying off the tracks to certain disaster.  Clark comes in to rescue and sees the unconscious Lois in the train car.  A look of relief washes over his otherwise stoic face.  He bails before she comes to, but not before leaving behind the Superman logo in flames on a nearby wall.  Cue to Clark standing vigil over the city and some all too familiar theme music.

Later at the Fortress, Clark is in a series of training matrices.  Jor_El detects him being distracted fresh of the Lois reunion,  Clark challenges Jor-El and accuses him of holding back the powers of flight.  Jor-El insists that they're to be found within, so it's all on Clark.  Apparently severing his ties to humanity is the key to being the world's savior.  Yeah, that makes sense.  I really hope they eventually reconcile Clark's rural roots and the fact that it's what made him the man of virtue.  And did Marlon Brando ever play the dick card when he was Jor-El?  At that same time, Chloe finds Lois at the Metropolis Hospital (because it wouldn't be an episode of if there wasn't a scene at the local hospital).  Now reunited Chloe, Lois reconciles her absence with a bump on the head, yet she joneses for another meeting with the Red-Blue Blur.  Problem is, she's unaware of her "vacation" and the fact that she was gone for weeks.  Leaving the LSH ring behind, she escapes to the phone booth she thinks will reconnect her with the Blur.  She panics thinking that she missed her nightly call, but we all know that Clark wasn't going to be on the other line.  The scene shifts to the Statue of Liberty, Clark high atop it.  He gives flying another try, taking a plunge off Lady Liberty's crown.  Turns out it's another exercise at the Fortress where's in another training matrix.  There Jor-El gives him his decree to disconnect with those keeping him from empowering himself, and Clark announces that he has to say goodbye to Lois.

After a commercial break, the action turns back to Smallville and the Luthor Mansion.  The mansion, it appears, is not under Luthor family control right now.  It turns out a large squadron Kryptonian soldiers are residing in the Luthor mansion.  Three of them convene in an office and apparently Tess Mercer is being held under surveillance there.  One of the three gives some orders but all of them have questions about their current situations.  Why are they not ALL empowered by the yellow sun, and why are some of them missing?  When his orders go ignored, it is clear that Zod is NOT in charge.  His demand for his troops to kneel before him gets met with a smack upside the head.

Back in Metropolis, Lois at the train wreck scene.  As Chloe found out before, Oliver is not returning calls, but Lois is out of the loop on his disappearing act.  Another guy shows up who knows that she's been gone for 3 weeks.  He points out the crash sustained little damage, and he doesn't seem too keen on who he views as a grandstanding vigilante.  Lois' defense of the Red-Blue Blur is cut short by an ill-timed kiss from who she assumes is an investigating police officer.  Smooth move, Brian Austin Green.   

Elsewhere Chloe returns to her place to find that it's been equipped with more TVs and monitors than a Buffalo Wild Wings bar.  Hamilton, inspired by her, is keeping things afloat thanks to Queen Industries money.  She shares with him the future trip that Lois took and he validates it with his recent findings of two temporal rifts in the area:  one for Lois, the other a mysterious visitor.  Somewhere else in the city, a gorgeous gal is working some heat-vision on a “missing persons” poster of Lois.   

Returning from commercial at the Luthor mansion, a bloody and bruised Tess wakes up to a stranger doing push-ups in her bedroom.  It is then that meets MAJOR Zod (Callum Blue) for the first time.  She quickly deduces that Zod has no idea how they ended up there and that he's lost the support of his troops as a result.  A poorly executed attempt to strangle him merely confirms that while he has lost a considerable amount of control, she is no match for him.

That night, Clark meets Chloe on a Metropolis rooftop with Chloe.  He apologizes for removing himself from their lives and she understands that it's for the greater good.  She also call him out on the fact that he all of the sudden decided to reappear once Lois returned, and it's unfortunate that in the process Alison Mack delivers some of "Savior"'s clunkiest lines.  Though she does tip him off that a possible assassin is after her from the future.  In some remote part of the city, we finally see what Oliver is up to, getting drunk and playing ultimate fighter.  Lois finds him and tries to snap him out of his funk with a request for superheroic assistance Her pleas are quickly and violently interrupted by the mystery girl after Lois.  Clark arrives on the scene just as quickly and snatches her away so that they can have their confrontation in private at the Kent farm.  She's wearing his late father's watch claiming that he gave it to her one year into the future.  She claims that she has to stop him from eventually destroying the future, but we're just as in the dark as Clark as to how that's possible.  She busts out a piece of blue kryptonite that strips them of both of their powers, and damn if their fight isn't superhuman despite the leveling of the playing field.  Knocked over by an engine block during the fight, she falls on her sword and apologizes to Clark in her last dying gasps.  Ooookay. 

Back at the fight club, Lois tends to Oliver's wounds.  She tries to get him back into hero mode, and he's not having it.  She's okay with it though, since she's got another hero in her corner.  At the mansion, Tess and Zod are placed before a military tribunal.  Zod claims that the only reason that they are there has to be because their home world of Krypton.  He shames the troops for defying him, claiming that he saved their lives several times over.  One by one the soldiers profess their renewed loyalty to Zod by kneeling before him.  Among those soldiers is Alia, the Kryptonian who died elsewhere in Smallville fighting Clark.  That night, Clark buries her body on the farm and shares her claims with Chloe.  He's worried that he now has a year to figure out how he is responsible for the world's destruction.  She begs Clark to use the Legion ring to go back into time to save Jimmy, but he won't do it knowing that rewriting history is what got his own father killed years before.  She guilts him for refusing and declares that there's nothing left in him that's human.

"Savior" wraps with Tess at the mansion that's back under her control.  All of the Kryptonians are gone, and her surveillance footage that has evidence of their presence is all wiped out.  At the Daily Planet, Lois is greeted by the guy from the train.  Turns out he's a field reporter with years of experience in Afghanistan.  Introducing himself as John Corben, he assumes a partnership role with her since Clark's been M.I.A.  She's convinced that he's been on vacation, yet it's looking more and more unlikely that he's coming back.  She then gets a call from her hero, allowing her the chance to thank her, and their clandestine relationship is back on track.  That night when she goes to bed, s she has a dream, or more like visions of a possible orange-hued future with her loved ones in mortal danger and Kryptonian starting to dominate. 

A sign of things to come?  Did "Savior" come in just the nick of time and excite you for another season?  Are YOU ready to kneel beofre Zod?  And who else is psyched for Metallo in one week?

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