SUPERMAN #43 Expands BIZARROWORLD, Introduces a New Hero - SPOILERS

Superman #43
Credit: DC Entertainment
Credit: DC Entertainment

Superman #43 has added a codename for Superboy's friend Kathy — "Beacon" — as the story expands the crazy characters on the "Rebirth" version of Bizarro World that's known as "Htrae" (backwards for … well, you know).

The current storyline has not only re-introduced readers to this Bizarro World, but it has also featured a character called Boyzarro, who's a Bizarro version of Jon Kent Superboy.

Hello Beacon

As this issue kicks off, young Maya is doing a job for Superman — keeping tabs on Jon and his orphaned alien friend Kathy on her farm. (The two have been using a machine that Kathy developed for them to travel to other worlds — one that took them to Bizarro World.)

But after Jon leaves the farm to go home to Metropolis, Kathy reveals that she knows Maya is watching them. And during the ensuing argument — after Maya reiterates her chosen codename of "Nobody" — Kathy introduces a new codename for herself, one that goes with the costume she's been wearing lately for her adventures with Superboy.

Credit: DC Entertainment

Her superhero name is "Beacon."

Credit: DC Entertainment

But Boyzarro has followed through the still-open portal, heading to Metropolis to interact with Jon and, eventually, Superman. Readers see the difficulty of communicating with a Bizarro. Or rather… Boyzarro am communicating good and Superboy am experienced but Superman not know how to deal with Bizarro talk.

Anyway, Boyzarro almost kills some folks in a helicopter, which the Super-folks have to handle, but eventually it's revealed that Bizarro isn't the nicest dad.

It looks like Boyzarro has run away from home.

So Superman decides to get the boy … er, the boyzarro … home.


Back at Kathy's farm, the girls realize the portal is still open, but not before Robzarro sneaks through. He's full of compliments and charm, even asking Maya for a kiss — in other words, the opposite of Damian Wayne.

Credit: DC Entertainment

As Superboy and Boyzarro arrive, the two girls have united to fight Robzarro's advances. When Robzarro sees Boyzarro, he hugs him and calls the duo "The Bizarro Boys."

Credit: DC Entertainment

Eventually, Superman and Superboy return Boyzarro to Htrae and the Bizarro version of Lois Lane, then Superman has a talk (read: argument) with Bizarro, who reveals that the "Super Foes" have been kidnapped. He blames Superman.

Superman ends up punching Bizarro so hard that he ends up on his world's moon, and he sees that Htrae is being reshaped into a ball-shaped planet. Readers are shown that the culprit is the "Legion of Fun," a group filled with Bizarro versions of Earth's villains, only they're wearing smiles as they overlook a ball pit where the "Super Foes" are being held captive — all apparently setting up the next issue of Superman.

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