THE MIGHTY THOR #705 Kills Two as 'The Death of the Mighty Thor' Nears Conclusion - Spoilers

Page from 'The Mighty Thor #705'
Credit: Russell Dauterman & Matthew Wilson (Marvel Comics)

The end is finally here in this week’s The Mighty Thor #705 as writer Jason Aaron and artists Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson deliver on the promise of “The Death of the Mighty Thor” – but Jane Foster isn’t the only one who has to say goodbye.

Spoilers ahead for The Mighty Thor #705

Credit: Russell Dauterman & Matthew Wilson (Marvel Comics)

Thor #705 opens with Thor fighting the Mangog to a standstill in the burning wreckage of Asgardia, as the whole kingdom hurtles toward the sun. As she momentarily traps the unstoppable monster, Odin and Freya arrive. The pair beseeches Thor to leave the doomed city with the rest of the Asgardians, but she refuses. They are interrupted by Odinson, who pledges to fight Mangog at Thor’s side.

But Thor knows she’s going to die in the fight – her fate was sealed when she turned from Jane Foster to Thor for the last time – and she sends Odin, Freya, and Odinson away. As they leave, Odin tells his son he wants "that hammer" when Thor is dead.

Credit: Russell Dauterman & Matthew Wilson (Marvel Comics)

Mangog breaks free and begins rampaging again, monologuing at Thor and insisting the Asgardians deserve punishment. Reluctantly agreeing that they have wronged her, Thor confesses she doesn’t fight for the gods –“I fight for love!” she exclaims, overpowering the Mangog and hurtling it into the sun. Just as it seems the fight is over, a burned, flaming Mangog arrives back in Asgardia to continue the fight.

Thor tricks the Mangog, wrapping it up in the magical Dwarven chains that once bound Fenris, and affixing them to Mjolnir – and once again throwing the whole bundle into the sun, knowing that even though Mangog will not escape this time, Mjolnir will be lost forever.

Credit: Russell Dauterman & Matthew Wilson (Marvel Comics)

With Mjolnir gone, Jane Foster’s time as Thor is limited – she’ll become human again in a matter of moments. Odinson arrives back on the flaming husk of Asgardia, at first admonishing Thor for destroying Mjolnir before realizing this means that Jane Foster will soon be dead. Thor removes her helmet, kissing Odinson as she reverts to human form, and the whole city collapses around them in burning wreckage.

Back with Odin and Freya who are observing from their escape vessel, they fear that Odinson and Jane Foster have both been lost – but Odinson returns alive, carrying the apparently dead Jane in his arms.

The story concludes in The Mighty Thor #706, the current volume’s final issue, on shelves April 18.

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