BLACK LIGHTNING Namedrops Two DC-CW Characters

Black Lightning
Credit: The CW

So far CW's Black Lightning has remained separate from the rest of the network's DCTV Universe, but in this week's episode, two major characters from other DC shows got a shoutout - namely Supergirl and Vixen.

In the episode, entitled "The Book of Little Black Lies," Jefferson Pierce's daughter Anissa and wife Lynn shared a conversation about secret identities, in which Lynn namedrops both Vixen and Supergirl - characters that exist in other CW shows, albeit in separate universes, with Supergirl anchoring her own show and Vixen appearing as a regular cast member of DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

While this doesn't necessarily confirm that Black Lightning is part of the CW-DC multiverse we know, it does seem like a good indicator that the next DCTV crossover might be a five-parter.

Black Lightning airs Tuesday nights on CW.

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