Post Game TV Recap: FRINGE S2E2: A Human-Scorpion-Mole Rat

Post Game TV Recaps: FRINGE Season 2 Ep

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“Night of Desirable Objects”

For those viewers expecting quick answers about what happened to Agent Dunham, this episode will be a disappointment.  However, while the answers are slow coming, Fringe is quickly picking up the pace on its exciting paranormal cases.

In this episode, Peter goes trolling for cases and discovers a series of missing persons in Pennsylvania.  After discovering Dr. Hughes and hearing his tragic tale of the death of his wife and son, Peter, Walter and Olivia take a closer look at what really happened.  Upon discovering that Dr. Hughes’ wife had a severe case of Lupus and that it was scientifically impossible for her to bear children, Walter comes to the realization that Dr. Hughes’ fascination with reproductive genetics had caused him to create a mix of human, scorpion, and mole rat – a creature resistant to the effects of Lupus, and what Dr. Hughes would call his “son.” Driven to commit suicide knowing that he created this creature, Peter, Olivia and the rest of the Fringe crew had to find out about the creature through experience (or, almost being eaten alive.)

I had a hard time believing that the death of Dr. Hughes’ wife and son occurred 17 years ago, yet the missing persons just showed up on the radar.  Did something awaken this “son?”  I get the artistic license, but I think there may have been a little bit of a disconnect in that storyline.

While the plot may be slow on giving out answers about Olivia’s trip to the alternate universe, Walter did his best to find out answers by himself, re-creating the car crash with a model car and a frog.  However, the viewers were given a few nuggets of information to mull over in the meantime.

How about Olivia’s heightened sense of audio awareness?  It seems like almost a side-effect of her recovery from her “travel,” and that it is progressively expanding into something more.  My question is, why is only triggered at certain points throughout the episode?  Does it occur all the time, but we only saw a few occurrences?  I found Nina Sharp’s interest in helping Olivia recover answers interesting as well.  I think Sam Weiss will prove to be a great character and will hopefully give us more to go on in the next few episodes.

As far as Charlie goes, I’m still waiting to see what happens there.  I think it may have been premature for him to relay to the other side that Olivia “trusts him completely.”  It’s hard to say for sure, but it seemed to me like they hadn’t really spent that much time together since the “switch.”  I think the more that Olivia is around him, the more he’s going to slip, or not act like the real Charlie.  While she sees him as being more accepting and open to new ideas, Charlie mentioning an alternate universe was a big slip for the fake Charlie.  

Watch the episode too quickly and you might miss this line, but I think it may be key in the development in the rest of the season.  “We’re all mutants, though many of us appear to be normal.” – Walter Bishop.

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