DEADPOOL 2 Reshoots Add 'More of What Audiences Love' From Test Screenings

Negasonic Teenage Warhead in Deadpool
Negasonic Teenage Warhead in Deadpool
Credit: Fox

Actress Brianna Hildebrand has addressed rumors that reshoots on Deadpool 2 have arisen as a result of poor audience test screenings, saying that as with many big budget films, there's a much more upbeat explanation for going back to work on the highly anticipated sequel.

“No, it was nothing that had gone wrong. I think it’s a common misconception too – that people think that reshoots are to fix things that people didn’t like," Hildebrand explained at London's MCM Comic Con (via ScreenGeek). "A lot of the time, reshoots are to add more of the things that people loved. [Filmmakers] watch their films again and are like 'better fix that.' I don’t know how much I can say about that. Usually films hate it when you talk about their reshoots – solely because people think that it’s because the film was bad for the test audience – but it was all good.”

Deadpool 2 is due out in theaters May 18.

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