NEW GODS Movie By Director AVA DUVERNAY On Its Way - Report

"New Gods" ad by Jack Kirby
Credit: Jack Kirby (DC Comics)

Director Ava Duvernay will helm a film based on DC's New Godsaccording to Variety. The film will reportedly connect to the DC Extended Universe films.

Created by Jack Kirby, the New Gods are the collective residents of New Genesis and Apokolips, warring planets populated by powerful alien beings. Steppenwolf and the Mother Boxes, central elements of last year's Justice League, are part of the New Gods "Fourth World" mythology.

Duvernay previously met with Marvel Studios about directing Black Panther, a job which she turned down, and which eventually went to Ryan Coogler. Duvernay also reportedly turned down the opportunity to direct a Star Wars film.

No further details or projected release date for the film were reported.

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