DC Sharing BATMAN & CATWOMAN's Wedding Album This Fall

Batman #24
Credit: DC Comics

A solicitation for a DC Comics collection entitled Batman/Catwoman Wedding Album has been posted on Penguin/Random House's retail site. Listed for a release date of September 18, 2018, the contents of the collection are not laid out in the previously-unknown book.

The listing includes an unlettered page from Batman #24 as a cover; that's the issue in which Batman makes his proposal to Catwoman. The creators are listed as Tom King and Mikel Janin, with 96 pages of content. 

Also listed on Penguin/Random House's site is a previously unsolicited collection of Batman #45-50, planned for an October 30, 2018 release.

It is unclear whether the Batman/Catwoman Wedding Album will be a reprint of previously available material, a collection of new content, or a combination of both.

But this won't be DC's first wedding album - in 1996 DC released a star-studded Superman: The Wedding Album anthology, which was reprinted back in 2016 with a new Ryan Sook cover.

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