Hergé's TINTIN Heading To Mobile Gaming

Tintin and Snowy
Credit: Hergé (Moulinsart)

Hugo Games is developing a mobile game based on Hergé's The Adventures of Tintin. Scheduled to launch in 2019, the as-yet-untitled mobile game will be a "match 3" puzzle game.

“This is great news for Hugo Games and for gamers, because we will bring one of the most beloved characters in comic history, the legendary Tintin, to mobile devices,” said Hugo CEO Henrik Nielsen. “The key ingredients of a great game are a strong storyline and good characters, and you don’t get them much better than in the fantastic Tintin universe. Everybody around the world knows Tintin, as well as the characters including Captain Haddock and Professor Tournesol (Professor Calculus in English).”

Five video games based on Tintin have been released over the years, but this will be the first new game since 2011's The Secret of the Uniform platformer/mobile game.

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