YOUNGBLOOD Artist JIM TOWE Leaving Title, With LIEFELD Saying He's MARVEL-Bound

Image Comics January 2018 cover
Credit: Jim Towe (Image Comics)
Credit: Jim Towe (Image Comics)

Youngblood artist Jim Towe is leaving the Image title following April's #11, with series creator Rob Liefeld saying he's headed to Marvel.

"I just finished a cover for Youngblood #11, which will be the last issue for artist Jim Towe," Rob Liefeld tweeted. "Jim gave us 200 pages, kept a monthly schedule for the last year, I’m so thankful for all his contributions. He’s pursuing new opportunities and I wish him all the best in his pursuits!"

"The last three artists that I have worked with at Image, Jon Malin, Matt Horak and Jim Towe have gone on to produce great work for Marvel," Liefeld continued. "I’m proud to have launched these young careers and am excited for the next fresh talent to touch my catalogue! Stay tuned!!"

Although Liefeld said Towe has Marvel work planned, neither the publisher nor Towe have announced any planned project.

May's Youngblood #12 was solicited to be drawn by Towe - a replacement artist has not been named.

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