With X-23's Announcement, TOM TAYLOR Discusses ALL-NEW WOLVERINE's End

All-New Wolverine
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

All-New Wolverine writer Tom Taylor has confirmed that the announcement of a new "Fresh Start" X-23 series is also the effective end of his series. In a Twitter thread, the writer gave out thanks to those involved over his three-year run with the character, as well as the promise of more with the character.

"Saying goodbye to All-New Wolverine, but not to Laura and Gabby. A thread and a lot of thanks... Laura, Gabby, and Jonathan the Actual Wolverine have lived in my head for three years now. The longest I've ever written a solo title," Taylor wrote. "I absolutely love these guys. 35 issues, an annual, and Wolverine Generations. All up, around 760 pages of a continuing story I'm incredibly proud of and which I'm happy to say is going out with a bang in our "Old Woman Laura" story starting next month."

"I want to thank all of the artists, colorists, cover artists, letterers (Just Cory Petit, right?), and our wonderful editors, Mark Paniccia and Christina Harrington for all their work and support over the last three years of Snikt," Taylor continued. "And I especially want to thank the thousands of fans who have joined us every month, every single one of you who championed Laura Kinney's adventures, and who embraced Gabby. I honestly couldn't imagine how big a following Gabby would get when David Lopez and I created her.

Credit: Mike Choi (Marvel Comics)

"But rest assured, this is not the end for Laura, Gabby, Jonathan the Actual Wolverine... and Penagos the Pelican Statue," Taylor said, referring to Marvel's Ryan Penagos. "The wonderful Mariko Tamaki and Juann Cabal - one of the best artists I've worked with - will be taking Laura and Gabby's story in a new direction, and I would urge every single Laura Kinney fan to pick that book up. I mean, look what Juann did with Honey Badger's reveal. Genius..."

"Of course, I will still be writing Laura and Gabby in X-Men: Red. And Marvel and I are talking about new projects," the writer concluded. "But I will definitely miss writing Laura and Gabby every month in their own book. They were the best there was at what they did."

Taylor didn't specify what the final issue of All-New Wolverine would be; #35 is solicited for May 2018, however given X-23 #1 is slated to begin in July the former series could conceivably have more issues in the interim.

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