Mike Fleisher Passes Away at 75

Jonah Hex #3
Credit: José Luis García-López (DC Comics)
Credit: Jim Aparo (DC Comics)

Michael Lawrence "Mike" Fleisher passed away February 2, 2018 in the Portland, Oregon area, reports Mark Evanier.

Fleisher joined the comic book industry in the early 1970s, writing a series of books titled The Encyclopedia of Comic Book Heroes. Through that, he came into contact with DC Comics and began writing comic books ranging from Secrets of Sinister House to House of Mystery. For a brief time, he worked as an assistant editor under Joe Orlando.

Fleisher is best known for his work on the Spectre in Adventure Comics and a 10-year run on Jonah Hex. Fleisher also wrote several Bat-titles, and as part of that co-created the Electrocutioner and wrote the first origin of the Penguin.

In 1986, Fleisher sued Harlan Ellison, The Comics Journal, and then-publisher Gary Groth for libel over detrimental comments made about him in an Ellison interview that ran in the publication. When the case ultimately went to court, the judge sided with the defendents.

In the mid-1990s, Fleisher segued from comic books and returned to school and eventually earned a doctorate in anthropology from the University of Michigan.

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