NYC's JHU COMIC BOOKS Needs Your Help to Stay Alive & In the City

JHU Comic Books
Credit: JHU Comic Books
Credit: JHU Comic Books

Jim Hanley's Universe is a name comic fans growing up in New York City will know well - and now that legacy is in danger of going kaput.

JHU Comic Books, the spiritually successor to Jim Hanley's Universe, has lost their lease and looking for a new location. For the past five years the store, started by Jim Hanley alums, was located at 32 East 32nd Street but are hastily prepping to move to a new, more affordable location - but need some help.

Credit: JHU Comic Books

"We have found a great new (and affordable) space a few blocks from our current location, in a residental neighborhood. We will be moving from a highly commerical area, and are looking to reestablish ourself as a mom and pop shop. However the new space needs some major work. Floor, lights, bathroom, an awning  and more. This is where we need your help," said co-owner Ron Hill. "Your contribution will help to employ contractors to build out the store, temporary help to move to the new location and help keep ourselves and staff employed too, ongoing! We want to be able to continue to sell comics to you, your children and your children's children too!"

JHU Comic Books is a staple of the NYC comic community, and during the filming of Marvel Studios' Doctor Strange, Benedict Cumberbatch popped in and was welcomed by then-manager Rene Rosa.

Hill and his staff are hoping to raise $30,000 using GoFundMe, and to date have received $4,250. A number of high-profile comic creators have begun chipping in, including Klaus Janson, Cliff Chiang, Dean Haspiel, Matthew Rosenberg, Jennifer Grunwald, Reilly Brown, and Cory Sedlmeier.

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