The Hunt For Wolverine: Adamantium Agenda #2
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Writer Tom Taylor and artist R.B. Silva are digging into Marvel's recent past for The Hunt For Wolverine: Adamantium Agenda, sending Wolverine's old teammates from the New Avengers on a path to find the recently resurrected mutant - but it seems they'll find a lot more than they're bargaining for.

With a twist that, according to Taylor, will "bend the internet," Adamantium Agenda is one of four Hunt For Wolverine mini-series kicking off in May, with a focus on exploring Wolverine as an action hero.

Newsarama spoke with Taylor and Silva in advance of the series launch, digging deep into the creators' personal takes on 'The Best There Is At What He Does,' what it's like bringing these characters back together for one more ride, and the conspiracy at the heart of their journey.

Newsarama: Tom, R.B., how did you land the task of telling one more story with Wolverine and this classic New Avengers line-up?

Tom Taylor: Really, it was a very short conversation with editor Mark Paniccia. He asked if I wanted a chance to write Spider-Man, Luke Cage and another chance to write Iron Man, and I said 'yes' before he'd really had a chance to say much more. I then asked if I could also have Jessica Jones (instead of another suggested hero) as it worked really well with the story I wanted to tell and I'm a big fan. Charles Soule and I had a few great talks, and I decided to bring it back to an incident from the New Avengers in the "Heroic Age." That said, there may be more heroes to come in this series...

R.B. Silva: I was starting a new arc for X-Men: Blue when the big news came in. I got really excited, especially because Wolverine is one of my favorite characters.

Nrama: Tom, you’ve written lots of Wolverine stories at this point – but primarily with Laura Kinney, the current Wolverine. Does putting Logan in the spotlight change your perspective on what being “Wolverine” means?

Taylor: Absolutely. Despite being father and daughter, Laura and Logan are vastly different Wolverines. I've written Laura for about three years, and I've been fortunate enough to write Old Man Logan a few times in this time too.

Nrama: R.B., what are your tricks for drawing Wolverine? He’s one of those characters with a lot of room for visual nuance.

Silva: I really like to picture a very cartoonish Wolverine, so grumpy and funny... I try to make him short and stumpy in shots with him and other characters, and make his body language very over the top. He is, without a doubt, one of the most expressive characters I've ever had the pleasure to draw.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Nrama: What’s the team going up against here? The solicitation makes mention of a “deep State conspiracy.”

Taylor: This is a team who have a long history with Logan and feel very protective of him - and they made him a promise in the past. So, with his body missing, these Avengers are going to do all they can to track him down.

Nrama: Tom and R.B., aside from Wolverine, which character were you most eager to get your hands on (or get your hands on again) with this series?

Taylor: Every single one of them. I think every comic writer dreams of writing Spidey, so this is definitely a big one off the bucket list. But I was also a big fan of Jessica Jones right from her Alias days, and her relationship with Luke Cage is great. I also spent a year writing Iron Man in Superior Iron Man, but to get a chance to write a non-evil Tony is also a big plus for me. I've always had a lot of fun with his voice, and they all bounce off of each other so well. I'm having a lot of fun on this series, And R.B.'s art is just perfect to bring it to life.

Silva: I was really excited to draw Luke Cage. Honest! He is awesome!

Nrama: You’ve got four issues as a team here. Tom, what’s your favorite thing R.B. has drawn for Adamantium Agenda so far?

Taylor: That's a tricky one. He has so many strengths that he's kind of the complete artist. That said, I think it's his acting that I love the most. The characters are so alive and expressive. The body language of Spidey all through this is amazing.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Nrama: R.B. what’s the biggest challenge Tom has thrown your way in the script?

Silva: It's cool how the relationships between the characters flow smoothly, everything is so dynamic and emotional. That's something I'm actually used to doing. I look forward to see what tom has in store for me for the next issues!

Nrama: For both of you, what’s the one thing you want fans to know about Adamantium Agenda?

Silva: I believe Tom is better suited to answer that question... Right now, I feel more like a lucky fan who dropped into the story rather than someone really involved in the whole creative stuff, if you get my meaning.

Taylor: I want fans to know that this book is a lot bigger than anyone could imagine. This one matters. Do not miss it. There is something coming in our miniseries that I will be a huge revelation to all Marvel fans. I hope it won't break the internet, because the internet is kind of useful. But this shock could very well bend the internet.

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