JUSTIN PONSOR Fighting Cancer - And Needs Your Help

Justin Ponsor
Justin Ponsor

Colorist Justin Ponsor is battling cancer, and friends in the comics community are banding together to help raise funds for his medical costs. Alex Car has launched a GoFundMe campaign on Ponsor's behalf, already exceeding the $50,000 goal with $50,867 raised to date.

"Justin in his own brilliant and entertaining way has put together a blog to document his experience that is, at the very least, educational of the reality of our fragility and need for a better community medical responsibility," Car wrote.

Although the GoFundMe campaign has surpassed its initial $50k goal, Ponsor's medical costs could very possibly exceed that; in one of his blogposts, Ponsor relates how the cost for a week's worth of one of his cancer medications is over $14,000.

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