TEEN TITANS Returning To Smash JUSTICE LEAGUE in New Special

Teen Titans Special #1
Credit: Robson Rocha (DC Comics)
Credit: Robson Rocha (DC Comics)

"New 52"-era Suicide Squad writer Adam Glass is returning to DC Comics after five years to write a new one-shot, Teen Titans Special #1. The TV/comics writer announced the project on Twitter, and shared a piece of artwork - presumably the cover - by Robson Rocha.

"I luv Marv Wolfman and George Perez's Teen Titans as a kid so when DC Comics asked me to do Teen Titans Special #1 I said HELL YES!" Glass tweeted.

Damian Wayne (Robin), Wally West (Kid Flash), and Emiko Queen (Red Arrow) are featured in the image - having smashed a statue fo thier mentors.

It's unclear if this is a standalone story or connected to some new Teen Titans initiaitve - both Teen Titans and Titans are not solicited for any issues in May 2018, and DC has declined to comment on those two books' statuses.


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