PLASTIC MAN Stretches His Legs (and Everything Else) In New Solo Title

Plastic Man #1
Credit: Aaron Lopresti (DC Comics)
Credit: Adriana Melo (DC Comics)

The Terrifics' Plastic Man will star in his own six-issue miniseries debuting in June from the Birds of Prey team of Gail Simone and Adirana Melo. First reported by Syfywire, the Plastic Man miniseries is standalone and not connected with the Terrifics ongoing.

Credit: Adriana Melo (DC Comics)

"Plas is the original humor hero jock. If you read his best stories, he's always a little bit bawdy, a little bit messed up, and that really is my favorite kind of hero," said Simone.

In the series, Plastic Man will fight a group of the world's smartest super villains - and can't get any back-up from other heroes because no one believes him.

"So just imagine the smartest villains in the DCU and you can probably come up with some of the cast members of this story, as well as some new characters that I've created too, including one in particular that I'm completely in love with and I hope will stick around for awhile," said Simone.

Credit: Adriana Melo (DC Comics)

Aaron Lopresti and Amanda Conner are drawing the standard and variant covers for Plastic Man #1, with Melo and other artists on future covers.

Plastic Man #1 (of 6) is scheduled to debut June 13.

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