TILLIE WALDEN, PAUL KARASIK, More Teaching Summer Workshops at CCS

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The Center for Cartoon Studios has released their slate of summer workshop classes at its White River Junction, Vermont campus. Teachers include Paul Karasik and Tillie Walden.

Here's a list of what's happening:

with Hilary Price
June 11-14
Ages 18+
MAKE 'EM LAUGH! From The New Yorker to MAD Magazine, gags to editorials, single panel cartoons hold a venerable place in comics culture. Comic strip veteran Hilary Price (Rhymes With Orange) leads this 4-day practical workshop for beginner and advanced adult students, delving into the particular chemistry of the single panel cartoon and what it takes to get maximum punch in minimum panels.

with Luke Howard and Jarad Greene
June 25-29
Additional for-credit option
Ages 18+
What will it take to get your comic project from the idea stage to the finished page? This 5-day summer intensive led by Luke Howard (Our Mother) and Jarad Greene (Memories of a Former Porcelain Doll) is geared toward adults and college students ready to take their skills to the next level. A combination of lectures, exercises, and dedicated studio time supports participants in strengthening their writing and character development skills while exploring and refining various drawing and inking techniques. The aim of this workshop is to produce finished pages, and leave with the confidence to take your project to completion. For-credit option available for college students!

with Melanie Gillman
June 25-29
Ages 18+
Our memories make for unique stories that nobody else can tell. Join Eisner and Ignatz award-nominated graphic novelist Melanie Gillman (As the Crow Flies) for their 5-day dive into the building blocks of graphic memoir. This comprehensive workshop covers the whole process: from sculpting experiences into a narrative, developing a distinctive voice and visual style, all the way to pitching and publishing practices.

with Alec Longstreth
July 9-13
Ages 18+
Looking to dip your toes into animation? Cartoonist Alec Longstreth (Basewood, Phase 7) leads the way to moving pictures, utilizing a variety of beginning animation techniques. Participants will explore hand-drawn methods like flipbooks, as well as creating character walk cycles, looping GIFs, and other short experiments in this extremely accessible intro to animation.

with Beth Hetland and Luke Howard
July 16-20
Ages 16+
Story, characters, page design, pacing, tools, techniques, environmental drawing, production- this comics essentials crash course is the total package. Join Beth Hetland (Half Asleep) and Luke Howard (Our Mother) on the ultimate start-to-finish comics creation journey, culminating in a group collaboration as participants self-publish their own anthology. If you've never made comics before, or tried and stalled out, these five days will help you hit the ground running!

with Jo Knowles and Tillie Walden
July 30-August 3
AGES 16+
Young Adult powerhouses Jo Knowles (Read Between The Lines) and Tillie Walden (Spinning) join forces in this 5-day workshop to get at the heart of what makes for authentic and relatable teen characters and narratives. Through lectures and in-class exercises, this workshop will go deep into the groundbreaking and boundary-pushing juggernaut that is YA.

with Paul Karasik
July 30-August 3 or August 6-10
   *  Additional optional online extension
   *  Additional for-credit option
   *  Ages 18+
How do you get your graphic novel off the ground? Renowned comics scholar, educator (CCS, RISD, SVA) and cartoonist Paul Karasik leads this one-week intensive with precisely that goal in mind. Participants spend the one-week on-campus intensive in lectures, book discussion, collaborative exercises, group critique, and one-on-one with Paul, all with the aim of producing a first draft of a longer project. In the optional 8-week online extension, students will continue to work collaboratively with faculty and peers, refining and developing their work toward a final draft. For-credit option available for the on-campus workshop and online extension.

with Tillie Walden
August 6-10
Ages 16+
Bring us your queer comic stories! This weeklong workshop with Tillie Walden (Spinning) gives participants the opportunity to explore queer identity in comics through discussion, collaborative exercises, and individual work time. Walden will guide students through plotting and drafting practices and give lectures on other relevant topics like world-building, character design, productivity, and monetizing your work. If you're looking for a nuts-and-bolts comics course specifically for queer comic stories, this is the workshop for you.

Session I: Monday-Friday, July 9-13, 2018
Session II: Monday-Friday, July 16-20, 2018
Are you at least 9 years old? Wanna draw some comics this summer? Spend a week (or two) at CCS learning some new techniques and letting your imagination go wild at Summer Cartoon Club. We'll design characters, create stories and worlds, and learn a ton about cartooning!

The Center for Cartoon Studies offers partial need-based scholarships for individuals or families making less than $50,000/year, on a first-come first-serve basis.

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