Credit: Mike Perkins

Artist Mike Perkins has announced that he has begun working with DC Comics after a nearly a 14-year almost-exclusive run with Marvel Comics.

In an interview with Comicon, the artist doesn't specify the reason for the change but teased the kind of DC projects he's looking to do.

"Still waiting on the okay from DC’s publicity department on announcements, but I can tell you that I have a loooong wish list," Perkins told Comicon's Oliver MacNamee. "part from a few inking jobs and short stories in The Big Books this’ll be my first dance with DC, so if you look at the Who’s Who Encyclopedia of characters and open at any random page, I’m sure you’ll find me wanting to tackle them. Topping that list though would be Catwoman, Lois, Batman, Night Force, Superman, Green Lantern, Legion, any of the Justice League or Suicide Squad…waaaait…I’ve just mentioned everyone, haven’t I?!"

Perkins is best known for his work on Marvel's Captain America and adaptation of Stephen King's The Stand, and recently concluded a run on Iron Fist.

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