"Dark Knight III: The Master Race #1" variant cover by Sean Murphy
Credit: Sean Murphy (DC Comics)

After news this morning of DC's new Black Label imprint was released, Scott Snyder has come out with an explanation of why Batman: Last Knight on Earth - a series previously-announced, but now included in this new imprint - changed artists from Sean Murphy to Greg Capullo.

"This book is a project I've been planning for several years, something that'd need a new different format. Sean Murphy and I had talked about doing it together, but the truth is, we both felt any last Batman story should be done with brother Greg Capullo," Snyder tweeted. "And the fact is the amazing world Sean has created with [Batman: White Knight] is his, it felt right to keep his Batman singular. Sean is family to me, and I'm thrilled for him over the tremendous, well deserved success of Batman: White Knight. Wait til you see what he has coming...It's amazing."

"As for me and Greg, we've never had a chance to work outside the monthly grind, not in 7+ yrs together, and the Black Label format finally gives us the room to experiment creatively both with story and art to make something very different than anything we've done before," Snyder continued. "Something that encompasses Batman from early days to his end and brings in the DCu as it goes. Very excited. And thanks as always."

For his part, Murphy tweeted that Batman: White Knight could have been a Black Label book - and might end up being one later on.

"Batman: White Knight was an unplanned success that caught everyone off guard. It might have been a Black Label book if I have waited a year - but in a way it accidentally jumped the gun," Murphy said. "Who knows, maybe it'll be absorbed by Black Label. :)"

As far as Murphy's future work, the writer/artist teased that he has a new project - possibly with DC Black Label - that might be announced at New York Comic Con. He had previously stated he plans to write his own material exclusively, and no longer work with other writers.

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