A Reunion, A Death, a Shocking Twist in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #797 - SPOILERS

Amazing Spider-Man #797
Credit: Stuart Immonen (Marvel Comics)

Writer Dan Slott and art team Stuart Immonen, Wade Von Grawbadger, and Marte Gracia’s Amazing Spider-Man #797 might have handed Norman Osborn his greatest weapon against Peter Parker yet this week. But to find out what that is – and the shocking person who hands it over – you’ll have to read on.

Spoilers ahead for Amazing Spider-Man #797.

Credit: Stuart Immonen (Marvel Comics)

Amazing Spider-Man #797 opens with Norman Osborn demanding answers about Spider-Man from someone he’s captured, but we can’t see who - their identity is hidden. As the captive refuses to give Osborn any secrets about Spider-Man, we see a flashback of Peter Parker and Mary Jane getting intimate in MJ’s apartment.

Credit: Stuart Immonen (Marvel Comics)

As things are about to go to the next level, MJ opens Peter’s shirt to find his Spider-Man suit. She tells Peter she can’t be with Spider-Man again, and they both know he won’t give it up. “I get it, there’s no going back,” Peter confesses as he gets up to leave. MJ asks him to leave out the window – as Spider-Man’s presence in her apartment would be easier to explain than her ex-husband’s.

Peter obliges, but Osborn, who has been spying on Mary Jane, sees him and realizes she has a connection to Spider-Man as well as Tony Stark.

Osborn holds this knowledge over whoever he has captured, brutally eating a rat to seal the threat. His captive still won’t talk.

Credit: Stuart Immonen (Marvel Comics)

Spider-Man patrols the city on his way to work, while the Daily Bugle staff discusses the Goblin King – Phil Urich. At this exact moment, Peter arrives in the office to a call from J. Jonah Jameson, who is demanding an update on the status of the Goblin King. Peter brushes him off, but Osborn is observing from afar, and makes another connection. He’s honing in on Peter’s secret identity.

Osborn considers his own son’s connection to Spider-Man and Peter Parker, but it seems he’s more interested in Liz Allen’s status as Alchemax CEO. Osborn is interrupted by Urich, the Goblin King. He lunges at Osborn with his flaming sword, but Osborn catches it seemingly barehanded, turning it around and apparently killing Urich, impaled on his own blade (similiar to Norman’s previous “death” by Goblin Glider).

Credit: Stuart Immonen (Marvel Comics)

Osborn returns to his prisoner, finally demanding answers. As the captive refuses, they spill a secret – “You put him through the worst night of his life! You threw his girl off a bridge and he still fought his way back! That’s who he is! And why he’ll always beat you!” And with that, Osborn figures it out – Peter Parker is Spider-Man.

Credit: Stuart Immonen (Marvel Comics)

Osborn thanks his captive for revealing the secret, and it’s revealed that it was none other than Jameson who spilled the beans. “What have I done?” laments Jonah.

The story will continue in Amazing Spider-Man #798, on shelves April 4.

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