IRON MAN's Fresh Start #1 is 'Somewhere Between RICK & MORTY and BLACK MIRROR'

Tony Stark: Iron Man #1
Credit: Alexander Lozano (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Alexander Lozano (Marvel Comics)

Artist Valerio Schiti will draw Dan Slott's upcoming new "Fresh Start" volume of Iron Manaccording to an interview with Nerdist. In the same interview, Slott himself dropped his pitch for his take on Tony Stark's story: “You’re going to see a superhero comic that’s somewhere between Rick & Morty and Black Mirror.”

Slott plans to throw everything and the kitchen sink into the new Iron Man series - including "hundreds" of armors. 

“To me this is heaven,” said Schiti of the challenge. “To do new designs is one of my favorite things in comics, and here I have the chance to play with such an iconic character, to try different styles, to use classic suits, and to create new and extraordinary armors.”

"Everything counts,” added Slott. “We’re going to play fair with all that’s happened to Tony from the very beginning all the way through to the most current runs. If you’re a longtime Marvel fan, I want you to know: all the continuity counts. The legacy counts. But if you’re one of the billions of people on this Earth who only knows Iron Man from the movies, you can jump on right here for a fresh start.”

Two uncolored pages from Schiti can be previewed here.

Iron Man #1 is scheduled to debut June 20.

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