TANK GIRL Takes A (One) Shot At Image Comics

TANK GIRL Takes A (One) Shot At Image

Mad Max designed by Vivienne Westwood. Thanks how her creators describe her.

Her being Tank Girl.

Arguably one of the most popular comic characters to come out of England, Tank Girl portrays a punk rock Armageddon aesthetic that creators Alan Martin and Jamie Hewlett took to new heights – and new depths. After an ill-fated movie in the 90s, the character went on hiatus. Hewlett went on to co-create the Gorillaz with musician Damon Albarn, while Martin bounced around the UK comics scene.

After a long hiatus, Tank Girl returned to comics written by Martin and art by newcomer Rufus Dayglo. Winning over fans with stories in Judge Dredd Megazine and a series at IDW, Tank Girl now comes into the open arms of Image Comics with the upcoming one-shot Tank Girl: Dark Nuggets scheduled for December. With Image’s eclectic library of titles and their openness to talent and creations, it seems like an ideal fit – so what took so long?

“We've always been intrigued by the concept of Image Comics and it seems a very natural, organic step to see if we could do some Tank Girl with them,” said Alan Martin. “They were very open to our ideas and approach, which is a rare thing when you look at how we work and what we produce.”

The work they produce has ranged from anarchic diatribes to psychedelic road trips and everything inbetween, but what is the Dark Nuggets one-shot about?

“It's four separate stories, all very dark and nasty in subject matter and execution,” said the writer. “Her friend Barney starts a band whilst Tank Girl's getting shot to ribbons; Tank Girl friends beat the crap out of her; she revisits her old junior school ; and her kangaroo boyfriend Booga takes a trip to the psychiatrist after a harrowing ordeal in a donut shop.”

Some people have described Tank Girl has diverse and all over the place --- just like her books. Not only is Martin & Dayglo producing Tank Girl comics for Image, but they also did Tank Girl: The Royal Escape from IDW Publishing and Tank Girl: Skidmarks from Titan Books. Such an unconventional plan, so we had to ask Alan why.

“”Hey, I'm a novice at this, no one told me it wasn't the done thing!” Martin laughed. “Actually, I guess that's the very reason we're doing it, because you're not supposed to.”

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