REGULAR SHOW Jumps 25 Years Into The Future In New BOOM! Title

"Regular Show: 25 Years Later #1" cover
Credit: JK Phan (BOOM! Studios)
Credit: Cole Closser (BOOM! Studios)

Cartoon Network's Regular Show ended in January 2017, but now it's returning - with a book 25 years following the TV show's finale that was just announced Saturday at BOOM Studios' "Discover Yours" panel at Emerald City Comic Con.

Scheduled to debut June, Regular Show: 25 Years Later will be a six issue series from writer Christopher Hastings and artist Anna Johnstone exploring what happens to the park 25 years after the battle between Pops and Anti-Pops.

“I love the relative elegance of a Regular Show story. Start with a mundane problem, try to weasel out of it, and then plunge into madness,” said Hastings. “The characters are completely grounded, have real relationships with each other, and then you take them and stick them in the most bonkers, surreal, fantasy/sci-fi/horror/everything impossible scenarios you can think of. It's a simple combo, but it gives you room for a countless amount of new stories."

Credit: Noelle Stevenson (BOOM! Studios)

"The tricky part was figuring out how to get the older and much more mature Mordecai and Rigby to jump into that dance again," hastings said of Regualr Show: 25 Years Later. "They've traded their insane adventures for family and career. Seeing how these wiser old pals handle the temptations of adventure will be a big part of the fun of this series, not to mention just catching up with all the other characters, seeing what's changed in their lives, or what's stayed the same.”

Hastings is a familiar name to comics readers, but the artist - Anna Johnstone - is a relative newcomer.

“When I got asked to work on the new Regular Show comic series I was super excited to meet the challenge,” said Johnstone. “The show has a great sense of humour and as a fan I can't wait to see what kinds of weird stuff they get up to '25 years later'... plus the best part, I get to draw it!”

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