DOOM PATROL #11 Delayed Again (With Collection Taken off Schedule)

Doom Patrol #9
Credit: Nick Derington (DC Comics/Young Animal)
Credit: DC Comics

Updated April 4, 2018: Doom Patrol #11 has been pushed back once again, with a new release date of April 25.

A collection of the second arc, which would include this issue, was taken off their schedule completely. DC has cancelled all retailer pre-orders, telling retailers they plan to resolicit it "at a future date."

Updated March 29, 2018: The multiple reports of delays from DC on the now-presumably final issue of Young Animal's Doom Patrol is getting to be something, but here goes.

Doom Patrol #11 is now slated to come our April 18, with the collection - Nada - on June 6. That's a one week delay from the last reported release from earlier this week.

For those keeping track, Doom Patrol #11's original release date was November 22, while Nada's was May 2.

Updated March 27, 2018: Over the weekend, DC informed retailers that Doom Patrol #11 and the ensueing collection, Doom Patrol Vol. 2, have been delayed again.

Doom Patrol #11 is now slated to come out April 11, while Nada is pushed back to May 30.

Original Story: DC Comics has informed retailers of more delays to Young Animal's Doom Patrol.

Doom Patrol #11 is now scheduled to come out April 4; 19 weeks later than its originally-solicited November 22 date.

This delay has resulted in the second Doom Patrol collection, Nada, also being delayed. Doom Patrol Vol. 2: Nada is now estimated to be coming out May 23; three weeks later than DC initially planned.

Delays have plagued the series, leading to some earlier issues - such as Doom Patrol #9 - now being fully returnable by retailers to DC Comics.

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