DROPPER Motion Comic Will Make You Rethink Elevators

DROPPER Motion Comic: Fear the Elevator

There are certain kinds of stories that make you re-think things you know. Jaws made you think twice before swimming in the ocean; Single White Female made people re-think getting a roommate.  The upcoming movie Dropper will make you re-consider your next ride in an elevator.

Leading up to the movie’s 2010 release, they have begun releasing a prequel story in chapters as a motion comic via Comflix Studios ands their Splastk player, who previously did the Max Payne motion comic. In the Dropper motion comic, viewers get to meet one of the film’s central characters, Gavin Fitch, and get a glimpse into the evolution of the killer who ties the story together. Compared in many ways to the tone of the movie Se7en,

The motion comic for Dropper debuted earlier this month for free on Splastk.com or Comflix.net, and with new chapters and the feature movie in the works, we talked with the motion comic’s co-writer Raven Gregory and Comflix Studios President Rick Karo.

Newsarama: So tell us guys, what is Dropper about?

Raven Gregory: Two mismatched and reluctantly paired cops, utilize the help of an online crime blogger to track down a psychotic killer who has taken NYC hostage by dropping elevators.

Nrama: How does the motion comic fit in with the Dropper feature film that’s it development?

Rick Karo: From a creative perspective, the Motion Comic is a prequel story to the feature film. We meet Gavin and get a glimpse into what he’s about without learning for sure if he’s the “Dropper”. In fact, I’m not sure who’s turning New York upside down by dropping elevators.......

On a marketing level, we’re utilizing the release of the Motion Comic to build awareness for the feature film’s development, production and ultimate Theatrical distribution. The first day we Chapter 1, we’ve already had over 35,000 views on SPLASTK.

Nrama: Do either of you have any horror stories with elevators from your own life to tell?

Gregory: It seems pretty weak in comparison to some of the scenes in the motion comic but once I got trapped in an elevator back when I used to work at a hospital when I was younger.  
I was stuck in there a good thirty minutes. 

No A/C with a dire need to piss and more than a 
little embarrassed to pick up the little phone and call for help.  Have never been so happy to
see a janitor in my life.

Nrama: What can you tell us about the lead character, Gavin?

Gregory: He's damaged.  Broken in many many ways.  He's extremely intelligent and motivated but in a completely sociopathic way.  But with all his psychotic flaws he has this  undeniable sense of loyalty and honor and what is right and what is wrong.  But he views these things from a very twisted perspective.  This is a guy who is just waiting for that one thing to push him over the edge and once he goes over that edge the world had better watch out because bad shit is about to go down.  

Nrama: Your co-writer Christian Beranek wasn’t able to make this interview, so I’ll ask you solo Raven. How was the collaboration between you two?

Gregory: It's always a blast working with Christian.  Each time is different which always makes the experience that much better.  

With Dropper, Christian, Rick and I worked up a tight outline.  Then I took the first stab at the script and Christian came in and fleshed it out really bringing some of the scenes to life.

Nrama: According to my notes, this will run alongside the Wolverine DVD campaign. How will that work?

Karo: The Wolverine DVD campaign commenced earlier this month on SPLASTK and ran until 9/22. The first 3 chapters of the Dropper Motion Comic ran within our SPLASTK media player, on all of our partner sites, adjacent to the 15 second Wolverine DVD per-roll ads for the entire two week campaign.

Nrama: Who is doing the art on this motion comic?

Karo: Steven Perkins, who did an amazing job!! He also did the artwork for us on the Max Payne Motion Comic prequel we produced for Fox that was featured on the DVD of the feature film and released earlier this year.

Nrama: And finally, after people read, er watch the comic – when can they expect the movie?

Karo: We’re working towards a 4th quarter 2010 or 1st quarter 2011 release.

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