NEIL GAIMAN Launches New SANDMAN Line of Titles at DC COMICS

Sandman Universe
Credit: Jae Lee (DC Comics/Sandman Universe)
Credit: Bilquis Everly (DC Comics/Sandman Universe)
Credit: Jae Lee (DC Comics/Sandman Universe)

Sandman co-creator Neil Gaiman will oversee a new DC Comics imprint comprising four new series set in continuity with his classic series, starting with a one-shot titled Sandman Universe on August 8.

The one-shot will bring new creators to Sandman, including writers Nalo Hopkinson, Kat Howard, Si Spurrier, and Dan Watters who will all contribute to the one-shot, which is plotted by Gaiman, before each authoring their own spin-off series. Bilquis Evely will draw the Sandman Universe one-shot, which features a cover from Jae Lee. 

"Well, Overture is a Sandman prequel and a Sandman sequel. It’s kind of all over the place. And there is sequel stuff in Sandman: Endless Nights. The story carries on," Gaiman told Entertainment Weekly of his motivation for launching the new imprint. "But it’s a huge sandbox with so many wonderful toys that nobody’s getting to play with right now. I started feeling guilty. I liked the idea of getting the toys played with again, reminding people how much fun this is, and also getting the opportunity to work with some fantastic writers. Down the line, there will be fantastic artists as well.

Credit: DC Comics/Sandman Universe
Credit: Yanick Paquette (DC Comics/Sandman Universe)

In the one-shot, Dream goes missing, sending the Dreaming into disarray. From that story, four series will launch following the various threads established in Sandman Universe - including a mysterious third House added to the Dreaming, a realm beyond Dream's home, objects from the Dreaming coming to the real world, and Lucifer possibly being in his own personal hell.

Spinning out of Sandman Universe, Howard will write a new volume of Books of Magic which follows young wizard Tim Hunter, Spurrier's The Dreaming will follow supporting characters such as Matthew the Raven and Caine & Abel. Hopkinson's House of Whispers will visit the origin of the titular house. And finally, Watters will write Lucifer based on the eponymous demon.

No artists for the books have been announced. Likewise, the series' lengths and release dates have not been disclosed.

Here is a video DC is circulating with Neil Gaiman announcing the line:

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