AMAZING SPIDER-MAN's 'Fresh Start' Brings 'New Roommate, New Love Interests, New Villain'

Amazing Spider-Man: Free Comic Book Day #1
Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel has released an official description for its upcoming Amazing Spider-Man relaunch at the hands of writer Nick Spencer and artist Ryan Ottley.

“An alien invasion attacks New York City and the only one who can stop it is…Spider-Man?! But that’s far from all you’ll find here—a revelation from the past puts Peter Parker’s job, relationships, and whole life in jeopardy!" reads the description. "And if even that’s not enough, you’ll see a new roommate, new love interests, and a new villain!”

Credit: Marvel Comics

From the sounds of things, there's a new threat brewing for Spider-Man in the relaunch. However, writer Nick Spencer has also assured fans that he's not letting go of Spidey's past for the story.

"I think that a lot of what I'll be doing is reconnecting Peter with some very classic, quintessential elements of the story that fans and readers are going to recognize," Spencer told ComicBook. "And it's exciting to bring the character back to basics and, at the same time, Dan [Slott] has obviously had one of the best runs on the character ever, and we're certainly going to honor the things that he's done and build from there."

Credit: Ryan Ottley (Marvel Comics)

The writer even dropped some specific names fans can expect to see pop-up - including Peter's ex-wife Mary Jane Watson.

"When you get excited to write Spider-Man, it's because you're also excited to write Jonah and Aunt May and MJ and Black Cat," Spencer explained. "You know, just there's so many incredible characters in this orbit, so getting to play with that cast, getting to make them a big part of our story is key. And I can say pretty much all of your favorites will be making an appearance at some point."

Considering Spencer is co-writing Damnation, the Marvel magic event that brings Mephisto to the forefront - and Mephisto is the guy who ended Peter and MJ's marriage - there's a bit of grist for fans still champing at the bit to see the couple reunited. On the other hand, the idea of "new love interests" doesn't make a great case for the pair getting back together.

Amazing Spider-Man #1 is due out on shelves July 11.

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