STRANGERS IN PARADISE XXV #2 Coming Three Weeks Early

Strangers in Paradise XXV #2
Credit: Terry Moore (Abstract Studios)

Abstract Studios' Strangers in Paradise XXV #2 was solicited to come out on March 28, but Diamond Comic Distributors has informed retailers that Terry Moore is ahead of schedule and plans to release the book on March 7.

In the world of North American comics, that's a rarity - but the second time for the Strangers in Paradise in as many issues. #1 came out January 17 - two weeks earlier than originally announced.

Here is the updated solicitation for the next, early issue:

Credit: Terry Moore (Abstract Studios)

 (W) Terry Moore (A/CA) Terry Moore
A former Parker Girl is writing an expose that will destroy Katchoo and Francine's life. Katchoo is determined to stop the writer but to do that, she'll have to find her. Fortunately, Tambi knows the best bounty hunter in the world, Ivy Raven (from Echo)! Things are heating up, folks and we're just getting started!

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