BENDIS, MELTZER, More Join in on Comix4Sight Auction

BENDIS, MELTZER, More Join Comix4Sight

Just a quick update on the ongoing John Ostrander benefit auctions from me again, and I promise, soon I will shut up and never say another word on a message board.


Here’s the deal, while we were still reeling from taking in an astonishing 2300+ dollars for the three opportunities to appear as a corpse in Ed Brubaker’s CRIMINAL series, we got offers from two of the biggest names in comics and prose for two MORE chances to be part of comics and literary history!

First, award-winning, best-selling novelist and comics author, BRAD MELTZER is also offering a speaking role in his very next novel, a top-secret thriller due out soon.  The winning bidder can give his name (or someone else’s name, if it’s a gift) to a speaking role character in Brad’s next sure-to-be-huge novel!  They will also get a signed and personalized copy of the book upon first publication!

Brad Meltzer is a huge star in fiction, but he’s also very much one of us, having written the hugely influential hit book IDENTITY CRISIS, and JLA, among other cutting edge graphic works.  His novels include the pulse-pounding thrillers, THE MILLIONAIRES, and the BOOK OF LIES.

Brad’s got an untold number of fans. Imagine the fun of actually being in his book the day of release!  Check it out by clicking right here. 

Also, comics superstar BRIAN BENDIS has offered ANOTHER chance at the ultimate hip credential, the chance to be a CADAVER in an upcoming issue of the soon to relaunch POWERS!

Brian Bendis is possibly the most popular and acclaimed comics writer of his time, and he is offering not just the chance to be a corpse in his award-winning comics triumph, POWERS, but thanks to Brian and star artist MICHAEL OEMING, you will also get the original page of POWERS art where your rotted body appears, SIGNED and PERSONALIZED by both Brian and Mike!  Check it out at this link.

Best of all, the proceeds go to help comics legend John Ostrander in his fight against glaucoma, with any moneys raised over his expenses to go directly to the HERO INITIATIVE, at to help other great creators in momentary need. And please check our other many online auctions at this link here.

Today we have a TON of bargains still up, but not for much longer!

Art by Sean Chen, Stephane Roux, Bob Layton, Val Semeiks, Alex Nino, Howard Porter, Aaron Lopresti, and lots more, for a couple more hours only. Bid on one of these amazing pieces before someone else snatches them up.  Some of these have been nearly completely overlooked, so grab them while you can, and check back later tonight for NEW pieces by:

Eric Canete, Steve Lieber, Josh Adams, Phillip Tan, Bernard Chang, Dan Jurgens, Freddie Williams II, Jesse Hamm, Shane Davis and more, including an astonishingly rare and beautiful piece by James (Starchild) A. Owen!

Every bid helps, and ever item won benefits John and other creators like him. So do yourselves and the industry a favor and put some of this once-in-a-lifetime art on YOUR wall!

Thank you again, you have changed some lives, here!

Gail Simone

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