WOLFF & BYRD Return After 5 Years for New SUPERNATURAL LAW

Supernatural Law: Grandfathered In
Credit: Batton Lash
Credit: Batton Lash

Press Release

Cartoonist Batton Lash has been self-publishing his Supernatural Law comic books and trade paperbacks for nearly 25 years. The humor/horror series, about Alanna Wolff and Jeff Byrd, two lawyers who defend monsters and the supernaturally afflicted, has won numerous awards and made Batton a popular guest at comic conventions.

Now Batton is conducting a Kickstarter campaign to publish Supernatural Law: Grandfathered In, a 112-page full-color graphic novel. This is the first completely new Supernatural Law graphic novel since the publication of A Werewolf in New York 5 years ago. In this book, the “Counselors of the Macabre” take on a case in which a ghost is literally "grandfathered in" to a home inheritance. Grandpa has died but his ghost won't leave the house—much to the chagrin of his son and daughter-in-law! Meanwhile at the law offices, the landlord wants Wolff & Byrd to leave because their clients are disturbing the other tenants. If that weren’t enough, the lawyers’ personal lives are filled with drama as well.

Credit: Batton Lash

The Kickstarter goal of $11,000 will help produce and print the book and have it out in time for Comic-Con in San Diego. Lash has conducted four previous successful Kickstarter campaigns for trade paperbacks, and he appreciates all the support that backers have provided.

Among the premiums and add-ons available to backers are other volumes in the Supernatural Law series; a 16-month calendar; a sketchbook with never-before-seen drawings of the lawyers, their intrepid secretary Mavis, and their monster clients; a notepad featuring Mavis, and customized original drawings by Batton.

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