GENE HA's MAE Jumps To LION FORGE For Sequel & New Collected Edition

"Mae #1" preview
Credit: Gene Ha (Dark Horse)


Credit: Gene Ha (Lion Forge)

Gene Ha is working on a sequel to his creator-owned series Mae, and moving from Dark Horse to Lion Forge to do it. The as-yet-untitled new series will launch June 20, paired with a new Lion Forge collection of the original six issues.

“I’m so proud for Mae to join Lion Forge, and to add editor Andrea Colvin to the Mae creative team,” says Gene Ha. “I’ve always meant Mae to reach both comic shops and book stores, and no company is better suited than Lion Forge to get our books to all of those readers. Stay tuned, we have so many more amazing stories to share!”

Originally launched in 2015 on Kickstarter, Dark Horse serialized Ha's series in 2016 with a collected edition released in January 2017.

"I’ve been a Gene Ha fan for years,” said Andrea, Lion Forge Vice President–Executive Editor, “and so of course I was thrilled at the chance to bring his creator-owned series over to Lion Forge. Mae is a page-turning high-fantasy adventure in the best comics tradition, and its focus on not just one but three strong female characters makes this exactly the kind of story I’m looking to publish at Lion Forge.”

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