ROXANE GAY Offers To Write BATGIRL Movie - And DC Is Interested

Credit: Cameron Stewart (DC Comics)

Following Joss Whedon's departure as writer/director of a live-action Batgirl film, fans have thrown more than a few names into the hat for consideration. Writer Roxane Gay even offered her own services for the screenplay... and got a quick response.

Three hours after Gay's tweet, DC Entertainment's Vice President of Content Strategy Michele Wells responded - with definite interest.

Wells joined DC in January 2017 after five years at the Walt Disney Company. Wells' role at DC is primarily on its comics (including the recently launched young readers imprints), but she is also part of the company's internal "Culture Committee"  - with a goal to improve culture and morale within DC.

Gay is best known for her prose work, but segued into comic books - specifically superhero comic books - in 2017 with work on Black Panther: World of Wakanda. A few weeks ago Gay also announced she was working on her own creator-owned comic book title.

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