QUICKSILVER Speeds Into Solo Series From BLACK BOLT Writer

Avengers #677
Credit: Mark Brooks (Marvel Comics)

Black Bolt writer Saladin Ahmed and artist Eric Nguyen will launch Quicksilver: No Surrender this May, a five-issue series spinning out of "Avengers: No Surrender" that puts the acerbic speedster front-and-center.

Quicksilver: No Surrender will trap Pietro Maximoff in a "frozen world" where time seems to stand still - and where he'll quickly learn he's not alone and have to face down a looming threat.

"This is real love letter to Pietro," Ahmed told CBR. "Even though he’s been this kind of offputting and wrangly character, lots and lots of people love Quicksilver, and I went kind of full fanboy on the character with this mini. I dug into him, his past, his mentality, and how he sees himself in the world."

CBR also has exclusive art and a cover for Quicksilver: No Surrender #1, due out on shelves this May.

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